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Culinary Delights at Moselsteig

The Moselle cuisine

(Our dishes are prepared fresh for you, please understand that there may be longer waiting times)
For special requests, we charge 1.50 €





Soup of the day (vegan)
roasted seeds I baked toast

8.90 €

Large mixed salad
(various leaf and raw salads, sprouts, seeds)
Balsamic vinaigrette

9.90 €

Moselle smoked ham served on a wooden barrel stave
Melon I mixed salad I balsamic vinaigrette

14.90 €

Premium smoked salmon served on a wooden barrel stave
Cream horseradish I “Döppekoche” (local potato dish)

16.90 €

Main Courses



Flammkuchen “XL”
Smoked bacon I onions
or Vegetarian I Vegan

14.90 €

Tomatoes I arugula I olives I Parmesan
Vegetarian I Vegan

14.90 €

Ratatouille Vegetable Strudel
Feta cheese I mixed salad

19.90 €

“Camino Bowl”
Couscous I vegetable salad I hummus I balsamic vinaigrette

Choice of:
– Turkey strips
– Smoked salmon
– Vegan nuggets

19.90 €

Venison goulash served in a cauldron
Cranberries I red cabbage I bread dumplings

23.90 €

Viennese schnitzel from pork loin
Mixed vegetables I fries or croquettes

20.90 €

Hunter’s schnitzel from pork loin
Mixed vegetables I fries or croquettes

21.90 €

Pan-fried zander fillet
Mixed vegetables I tagliatelle pasta

22.90 €

“Winemaker’s Pan”
Medallions of turkey and beef
Red wine sauce I mixed vegetables I potatoes

23.90 €

Roast beef rump steak
Café de Paris butter
Mixed vegetables I “Döppekoche” (local potato dish)

26.90 €


The Sweet Finale



Apple Strudel Vanilla Ice Cream

9.80 €

Chocolate Brownie
Walnut Ice Cream

9.90 €

Berry Parfait
Sabayon from vineyard peach liqueur from our own distillery

9.90 €

Subject to change / Menu changes depending on the season
For questions about allergens, intolerances, and additives, please contact the staff
Please note that our kitchen is open from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

We kindly ask for table reservation