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Experiences on the Moselsteig

Explore the Vineyards in a Unique Way with Our Carriage Rides.

Step aboard and let yourself be chauffeured through the picturesque slopes of the Moselle region. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the vineyards while learning interesting facts about winemaking and local history. A carriage ride through the vineyards is not only a relaxed way to explore the surroundings but also an unforgettable experience to share with friends, family, or your partner. Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the wine landscape and create unforgettable moments during your carriage ride through the fascinating Moselle region.

Explore the Unrivaled Beauty of the Moselsteig and Moselcamino

Experience the picturesque landscape of the Moselle region up close. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or an enthusiastic newcomer, our hiking experiences offer something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and stunning nature along the routes. From steep vineyards to idyllic riverbanks, the Moselle region offers unforgettable views and countless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature.
Leave the everyday behind and be enchanted by the magic of the Moselsteig and Moselcamino. Create unforgettable memories along many fascinating hiking trails.

Discover Our Wines from Family-Owned Vineyards

Enjoy the unique taste experiences directly from our own vineyards. Our family passionately cultivates our vines to produce high-quality wines. During a wine tasting, you can discover the diversity of our hand-selected wines and experience the character and personality of our family wine tradition.

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and be enchanted by the special connection between family and wine. Experience the pleasure of our wines, which have been created with love and care in our family-owned vineyards.