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Recreation on the Moselsteig

Fit and Active: Explore Our Fitness Center

Start your day with energy and vitality in our premier fitness center. Here, we provide the perfect environment for you to achieve your fitness goals and stay active.

After your workout, you can unwind in our wellness area and relax your muscles in our sauna. Our fitness center offers everything you need for a holistic fitness experience. Make the most of your stay with us and stay active!

Comforting Warmth: Our Relaxation Oasis in the Sauna

Enjoy the cozy warmth as you relax in the sauna. This haven of tranquility offers not only physical but also mental rejuvenation. The pleasant heat promotes circulation, relaxes muscles, and helps alleviate stress.

Our sauna is not just a place of relaxation but also a place of indulgence. Immerse yourself and experience the positive effects on body and mind. Take this opportunity to pamper yourself and recharge your energy.

Welcome to Your Personal Retreat of Peace and Relaxation.

Our sunbathing lawn in the hotel area offers you a peaceful retreat to unwind. Here, you can settle in comfortably, read a book, or simply enjoy nature. The gentle grassy area invites you to escape from the stresses of everyday life and just relax. Enjoy moments of tranquility and rejuvenation amidst our green oasis.